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Learn how technology can work for you.

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Are you looking to grow your tech skills?

Perhaps your small business could use an update to its workflow or systems.

Leveraging the power of personal computing devices, within the ever-growing ecosystem of apps and cloud services: this is the heart of the Digital Gym.

Just the boost you need...

Now, more than ever before, the power of technology is within reach. Tech helps break down phycical and structural barriers at every turn - whether it's reconnecting with a long lost cousin or boosting your customer contact and social media engagement; this is the promise of digital technology.

Our approach is client centered & educational. Not everyone learns the same way. And much as we all have different interests, we want our devices to explore differently too. Utilizing cloud services and the plethora of apps & appliations, you can navigate smoothly between smartphones and laptops, or over the years when you upgrade your devices. An early inventory based on "you" makes these tasks grounded and practical. Your devices should work for you: your interests, your daily activities, your communities

Learning "how" is the kind of excercise that happens at the Digital Gym.

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And at the Digital Gym, our first job is to show you how to take control, for yourself. On the Playa, they consider this radical self-reliance. The balance is in your own focus too. We're happy to build your website or just get it started. You can decide when and how much control you'll take once you're confident in taking the reins.

~~~ Person-Centered Tech ~~~

...and the pursuit of happiness!

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We're in it now: tech enabled life is also a growing incursion into our privacy, personal security and collective personal expressions.

The point is to take charge of the tech at our disposal, and mark out the path towards happiness. We should be able to relax because we know our accounts are secure (along with our credit card info). It also means that when we have something to say - officially, creatively or programatically - we are enabled to make our voice heard.

It starts with where you are now...

  • We start with a basic inventory: What devices do you have, how do you use them, and what's missing, frustrating or cumbersome for you?
  • Next, we consider where you'd like to expand your digital presence. Are you currently getting the fullest use of each device? Do you need new tools (apps if not devices) to support yourself? Are you ready for a tech upgrade? Can it be done at low/no-cost?
  • We're with you every step of the way... We explain the jargon, we show you good tech form, we simplify security & we encourage you with homework.
  • Our approach is client centered & educational.

  • Seniors: your youth was never occupied by streaming, tweets or selfies. For you, non-judgemental explanations and translations are in order. Securing your data, and connecting to essential financial and health services are likely top of your list.
  • Entrepreneurs: Let the Digital Gym expand your capacity to close your tech loops. You're likely fully functional at all of your tech tasks, but as your business grows, you need an extra hand or two. Coordinate, delegate & actuate!
  • Creatives: your heart and soul are in your art, your creations. Free them from the slog of tech. Streamline your upload process, turn-up your sales, expand your reach - with the Digital Gym at your elbow. Leave the galleries and online services to us; we'll help make distribution of your work a breeze, and minimize the time you spend away from your calling.
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    Let us be the personal trainers ... for your fingers and your brain.

    Text, email or call to schedule an introductory session; get every question answered about how Digital Gym and improve your tech game.

    Phone, Text or Whatsapp: ~ +1 347-645-6509

    Email us! ~ info @ DigitalGym (dot) net

    A great gift for idea, with special discounts available: for seniors, physically challenged people, and anyone suffering from economic disadvantage.

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    ~~~ Bed-Stuy & Beyond ~~~

    Harnessing personal technology to expand your digital universe.

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